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Arm Sculpting in Miami Beach, FL

Toned, Athletic Arms

Arm Sculpting in Miami Beach, FL | AM Beauty & Wellness Studio

Even with a healthy and active lifestyle, excess fat, skin laxity, and loose skin can compromise your arms’ athletic definition.

It used to be that you could only address such concerns with surgery. Fortunately, there is a groundbreaking, non-surgical way to sculpt your arms. EmSculpt NEO is the first treatment of its kind, non-invasively melting fat, toning muscles, and firming loose skin for enhanced definition. If you are interested in achieving more sculpted, athletic-looking arms, schedule your consultation to discuss Arm Sculpting in Miami Beach with AM Beauty & Wellness Studio.

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Less Fat, More Muscle

What is EmSculpt for Arms?

EmSculpt NEO combines high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radiofrequency energies to address multiple concerns with one comfortable, completely non-invasive Arm Sculpting treatment. With a single applicator, EmSculpt NEO eliminates excess fat and firms skin while inducing thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions within a 30-minute session. It is the most comprehensive way to achieve youthfully toned arms without surgery or an unrealistic workout regimen.

The Best Way to Build on Your Fitness Results

What are the benefits of Arm Sculpting with EmSculpt NEO?

EmSculpt NEO involves no incisions, anesthesia, or downtime so that you can maintain your active, busy life throughout your treatment. Sessions take only half an hour and are completely comfortable. With EmSculpt NEO, Miami Beach Arm Sculpting patients get:

Complement Your Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Am I a good candidate for Arm Sculpting?

EmSculpt NEO is an excellent option for patients at or near their goal weight, who lead a generally healthy lifestyle, and who want to enhance tone and definition in their arms. EmSculpt NEO delivers the best results in patients with a BMI under 30. If you seek a non-invasive, no-downtime solution to excess fat and muscle laxity in your arms, EmSculpt NEO can provide you with the desired results.

30-Minute Sessions for Athletically Sculpted Arms

Your EmSculpt Arm Sculpting Procedure

During Arm Sculpting Miami Beach patients recieve a procedure that is quick, easy, and straightforward. While you relax, your board-certified physician or certified BTL provider will affix the applicator to your arms.

As soon as your treatment begins, you will notice a warming sensation and muscle contractions that gradually increase in intensity as your treatment progresses. While these effects may feel a bit strange, EmSculpt NEO is completely comfortable, requiring no anesthesia, prep, or significant recovery. Each session takes 30 minutes, and you will be free to return to your day immediately after your appointment.

Miami Beach arm sculpting model with black outfit

Stay active.

Arm Sculpting Recovery

There is no downtime, so you will be able to maintain every aspect of your busy life after your EmSculpt NEO session. Because your EmSculpt NEO provides treated muscles with an exceptional workout, you may experience some soreness similar to what you would feel after a strenuous gym session. Most patients choose to let their treated muscles rest for a couple of days before working out their arms.

Go sleeveless with confidence.

Arm Sculpting Results

You will notice a difference in muscle tone within just a couple of weeks after your first session, with your fat reduction results developing over the course of about three months. Fat eliminated with EmSculpt NEO Arm Sculpting will stay gone forever. Most patients undergo between four treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. You can maintain your toned arms with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and follow-up treatments as needed.

Reach your goals with beautifully sculpted arms.

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A healthy diet and exercise can only do so much for athletically sculpted arms. Enhance your fitness regimen with state-of-the-art EmSculpt NEO Arm Sculpting in Miami Beach. Schedule your consultation to discuss your treatment with one of our board-certified physicians, and take the first step to realizing your best results.

Arm SculptingFrequently Asked Questions

Yes. EmSculpt can help you build your biceps and triceps with specially designed treatment applicators.

Yes, EmSculpt NEO effectively reduces excess fat in treated areas to deliver a more sculpted, youthful, and athletic appearance.

Yes. Each Arm Sculpting session reduces targeted fat by up to 30% and increases treated muscles by as much as 25%. Four sessions spaced four to seven days apart are needed to achieve optimal results.

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