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EMSculpt NEO in Miami Beach

The New Way to a New You

Miami Beach EMSculpt NEO

Your body is capable of incredible things. Sometimes it just needs a little help.

At Miami Beach EMSculpt, that help comes in the form of EMSculpt NEO: a powerful tool to help your body burn fat and build muscle. In a single series of treatments, you can get results that would take you months or even years at the gym. Let our EMSculpt specialists show you the science behind your body’s amazing ability to transform with an EMSculpt NEO consultation.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

What is EMSculpt NEO?

At our office in Miami Beach EMSculpt NEO is the next generation version of EMSculpt, a revolutionary device that uses nonsurgical energy wave stimulation to tell your body to burn fat and build muscle. How? EMSculpt NEO’s potent combination of radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies tell your body to get rid of fat cells and command your muscles to contract more than 30,000 times during a typical session: far more than you could ever hope to do in a typical workout.

The results are stunning. After the first series of treatments, most patients see fat loss of up to 30 percent and muscle volume growth of up to 25 percent in the treatment area. These results improve with additional maintenance treatments over time.

Supercharge Your Fitness

What are the benefits of EMSculpt NEO?

With EMSculpt NEO Miami Beach patients have a fantastic way to get their body to the next level, whether you are just beginning a workout routine or feel like you’ve plateaued. Imagine what your body would feel like if your core was 25 percent stronger or if your waist had 30 percent less fat. Think about how your best could improve with a 25 percent increase in your leg strength without using steroids or other drugs or chemicals. This simple, natural way to build muscle and burn fat can improve muscle stability, sculpt your shape, and boost your confidence in a few short visits.

Ready for the best shape of your life?

Am I a good candidate for EMSculpt NEO?

EMSculpt NEO is safe and effective for almost anyone looking to burn fat and build muscle.

Because EMSculpt NEO uses HIFEM technology, you should not use EMSculpt NEO if you have implanted medical devices with metal pieces, such as screws or a pacemaker. EMSculpt NEO should not be used during pregnancy. During your consultation, our EMSculpt aesthetic specialists will review your medical history and ensure you have no pre-existing conditions that could impact your safe and effective treatment with EMSculpt NEO in Miami Beach.

Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Watch a Show?

Your EMSculpt Procedure

Your EMSculpt NEO procedure will take between 30 minutes and an hour. Once you arrive, our EMSculpt team will ensure you feel welcome and comfortable. We’ll guide you to a relaxing private treatment room so you can sit back and let EMSculpt NEO do the work while you do you. Our rooms have streaming services, so you can catch up on your favorite shows while getting into the best shape of your life.

Once you’re situated, our EMSculpt specialists will strap EMSculpt NEO to the treatment area, calibrate it, and leave you to your treatment. You will feel your muscles contracting and a warm sensation that almost feels like a hot stone massage combined with an intense workout. When the treatment is finished, you can go about your day — just like you would after a normal workout.

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NEO is here. Are you ready?

Schedule your Miami Beach EMSculpt NEO consultation with AM Beauty & Wellness today.

EmSculpt NEO offers an easy and effective solution for achieving a more toned and youthful-looking body. To take the first step toward a body you’ll love, schedule your private consultation with AM Beauty & Wellness in Miami Beach. There is a $50 fee for this personalized consultation which will be applied to your service.


NEO and GO

EMSculpt NEO Recovery

EMSculpt NEO has little to no downtime. The only restriction following your session is that you probably won’t want to work out the same area you just had treatment on for about 24 hours after your treatment, as the muscles will be sore. That soreness will feel like you’ve just had an awesome workout, and it tends to go away in about a day.

An Investment in You

EMSculpt NEO Results

You will feel the results of your EMSculpt NEO treatment start to take effect immediately after your first treatment. Your muscles will feel sore, and you might even see a slight increase in size. This definition will become more pronounced as you go through the initial series of treatments over the coming weeks. As the radiofrequency in EMSculpt NEO targets your fat cells, your body responds, naturally and permanently, removing them to reduce fat.

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Meanwhile, your muscles will strengthen and grow from the supramaximal contractions they undergo during each EMSculpt NEO session. The resulting muscle growth can last between six months and a year before starting to fade, and the fat cells that the body removes are gone for good. At Miami Beach EMSculpt, we deliver high-quality EMSculpt treatments and make sure you get the follow-up care you need to make the most of your investment. With the occasional follow-up treatment, you should be able to maintain your new look for years to come.

EMSculpt NEOFrequently Asked Questions

EMSculpt NEO feels like a good day at the gym. You might feel some exertion of muscles and soreness after your session like you would after your typical workout.

There are multiple procedures that can burn fat or build muscle, but EMSculpt NEO is by far the most effective single procedure for doing both at once on the market today. That’s why Miami Beach EMSculpt has made it our mission to deliver this life-changing treatment to whoever wants to burn fat, build muscle, and reshape their bodies.

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