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Rise and Shine

Miami Beach EmSculpt NEO & Wellness Treatments

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2022 Best Clinical Outcomes Award for EMSculpt NEO by BTL

The Science of Excellence

Precision-Based, Results-Driven Solutions

At AM Beauty & Wellness Studio, we pride ourselves on being Miami’s best Emsculpt NEO experience, with beautiful and beneficial results.

We know that you can’t look your best unless you feel your best. We prioritize your health with FDA-approved holistic treatments designed to help your body function at its best. Burn fat, build muscle, look your best and seize the day with AM Beauty & Wellness Studio.

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Dedicated to Helping You Live Better

Dr. Alonso Martin

Dr. Alonso Martin is a board-certified physician specializing in advanced, em to help patients look and feel their best.

A southern California native, Dr. Martin has extensive knowledge and experience in family medicine and aesthetics. He is a talented clinician, thought leader, and expert in helping people improve their beauty and longevity with an innovative approach. For example, Dr. Martin combines collagen-stimulating PDO threads with Botox and fillers for a youthful, harmonized appearance at his Miami Beach Med Spa.

In addition to Dr. Martin's meticulous eye for aesthetics, he is a wellness guru and enthusiast who is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality treatments and life-changing results. Through compound bio-peptides, personalized IV drip therapies, hormone balancing, and the AM Weight Loss Program, Dr. Martin helps patients optimize their wellness for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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A Collaborative Approach to Individualized Care

The Foundation of Your Concierge Beauty & Wellness Experience

At AM Beauty & Wellness Studio, we go above and beyond to ensure that you are optimally involved and informed during every step of your journey. With the guidance of a hands-on, board-certified physician, you’ll have the opportunity to make informed decisions about your care and know what to expect over the course of your treatment.

During your thorough Miami Beach Med Spa consultation process, your physician will take the time to garner full understanding of your concerns, expectations for treatment, and lifestyle to recommend which options will be most beneficial to your needs. As a practice rooted in wellness, you can rest assured we will never try to sell you or suggest a treatment that is not seamlessly aligned with your goals and overall health.

Live Better Longer

Science-Driven Treatments For Enhanced Health & Wellness in Miami

AM Beauty & Wellness Studio knows that true beauty begins deep beneath your skin’s surface.

That’s why we offer state-of-the-art Med Spa treatments designed to enhance your health and appearance from the inside out. Learn how you can cultivate your most beautiful life with advanced treatment options in Miami Beach.

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Redefine Body Sculpting

EMSculpt NEO in Miami

Body sculpting used to include only two options: healthy living or surgery. Fortunately, the world of body sculpting has evolved to provide patients with non-invasive options. Emsculpt NEO is the only treatment that effectively melts fat and tones muscle simultaneously. Emsculpt NEO is the perfect complement to your healthy, active lifestyle, eliminating pockets of stubborn fat and toning muscles for definition in virtually any area of your body.

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Smooth Sailing

Emtone in Miami

Cellulite affects 90% of women, posing a notoriously difficult problem to resolve with diet and exercise alone. Enter Emtone. Emtone addresses all of cellulite’s contributing factors by combining thermal and mechanical energy. Reduce fat, tone skin, and eliminate dimpling without surgery, discomfort, or downtime.

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Refine. Restore. Refresh.

Injectables: Botox and Fillers in Miami

AM Beauty & Wellness Studio offers subtle, natural-looking results with advanced injectable treatments. Eliminate smile lines, restore your youthful volume, or enhance your facial features with specially formulated treatments. We use only the most trusted names in aesthetics to ensure an authentically rejuvenated look without the drawbacks of surgical treatments. Learn how your personalized Injectables & Fillers treatment can deliver long-lasting rejuvenation in minutes.

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Instant Lift. Ongoing Rejuvenation.

PDO Threads in Miami

PDO threads offer a minimally invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. PDO threads are surgical sutures anchored into the skin to firm and lift for a more sculpted, youthful appearance. While this revolutionary procedure delivers immediate results, you can also enjoy ongoing rejuvenation as collagen production increases. In less than an hour, you can achieve significant yet subtle, long-lasting results.

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Your best health is within reach.

Miami Executive Health Programs

Our Executive Health Program takes a comprehensive approach to help you achieve and maintain optimal functionality and longevity. Get better insight into your health with monthly checks, routine bloodwork panels, and quarterly health progress reports. Based on your unique needs, you’ll have access to prescription medications, peptides, customized supplements, 24/7 Direct Access, and medical equipment and supplies. Optimize your health with precise, personalized care.

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Infuse Wellness

IV Therapy in Miami

We offer customized IV therapies to nourish your body and enhance your overall wellness. IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and ensuring better absorption. IV therapy is an excellent option for boosting your metabolism, managing chronic illness, enhancing muscle recovery, and bolstering your immune system. IV Therapy nourishes your body to help you look, feel, and be healthier.

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World-Renowned Excellence

Your Destination for Concierge Care

AM Beauty & Wellness Studio is renowned for its concierge-level services.

Patients all over the globe trust Dr. Martin to accompany them on their personal wellness journey. In addition to individual, focused treatments at Dr. Martin's Med Spa Miami Beach patients are offered a comprehensive range of customizable wellness programs to fit every lifestyle. Whether you are interested in enhancing your health, weight loss, fitness, or all of the above, our precision-based process is proven to deliver life-changing results.

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Be Well

AM Beauty’s Concierge Wellness Membership

Dr. Alonso Martin offers a concierge wellness membership program to make healthy living easy. Receive in-home medical services to achieve and maintain optimal health with the skill and experience of a highly reputable, board-certified physician.

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Clear your body and mind

Bio-Botanical Detox

Gut health is at the center of overall wellness. In order for your body to function at its best, it must be able to absorb nutrients efficiently without the disruption of harmful toxins. Bio-botanical detoxification restores microbial balance in your GI tract by eliminating toxins, allowing your body and mind to function optimally. This simple yet effective purifying treatment works like a sponge to draw out and eliminate metals, endotoxins, and xenobiotic compounds impairing your body’s health. Begin your journey with us to give yourself a clean start with bio-botanical detox treatment at Dr. Martin's Med Spa in Miami.

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Lose inches. Gain health.

The AM Miami Weight Management Program

AM Beauty & Wellness Studio offers a comprehensive, personalized weight management program designed to help you enhance your body composition, fitness, and overall health.

Beginning with a thorough medical evaluation from a board-certified physician, we will work together to create a customized treatment plan consisting of therapies designed to boost your metabolism, nourish your body, and enhance physical function for results you can see and feel.

Our weight management program is an excellent way to achieve and maintain optimal fitness. Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, we offer the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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An Exceptional Treatment Experience

AM Beauty & Wellness Studio Testimonials

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“Doc Martin is a medical professional with great experience and knowledge. Got my routine weekly Emsculpt and added a NAD+ treatment. Highly recommend this antioxidant as an energy and a brain fog cure. The practice is quiet and the rooms are very comfortable. The staff is incomparable and Doctor Martin is unrivaled. Have not found another practice as nice and as fully equipped as this one in S Florida and don't think I will.”

— RealSelf Miami EmSculpt and NAD+ patient

“Thank you doc Alonso Martin, for giving a splash of youth to my skin. It’s very important to have someone as professional as you for this treatment (threads)I’m very happy with the results. You're the best!”

— RealSelf Miami PDO Thread Lift patient

“Dr. Martin is a amazing! I love his work he is so responsible, ethical, and every time I see him he made me more beautiful and confident. His customer service is the best! You are in the best hands hands— trust me.”

- RealSelf Miami Botox patient

“I really cannot say enough good things about Dr. Martin and his team. From the moment you walk in, you are made to feel like a member of the family, given their full attention and treated with kindness, care and compassion… If you're on the fence about starting this journey to personal improvement, stop thinking, stop reading reviews, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin. You will be glad you did, and, above all else, you deserve to feel good, and be strong and empowered, inside and out.”

- RealSelf Miami EmSculpt, Botox, Fitness Program, and IV Therapy patient

“Excellent injector, beautiful office, and the kindest service. Alonso pays attention to the detail of your face to make sure you look the best! State of the art technology and variety of services offered for all your aesthetic needs.”

— RealSelf Miami Botox patient

“My experience with Dr. Martin was wonderful. I completed 4 sessions of the Emsculpt and could not be happier with the results! He was extremely knowledgeable with all things related to my procedure and the others which I inquired. All of my appointments began on time, with no wait in the waiting room after my arrival. I look forward to going back for more!”

- RealSelf Miami EmSculpt patient

“Dr. Martin and his staff are exceptional. The office has state of the art equipment. I had never had a procedure before and Dr. Martin took his time and explained the procedure thoroughly. He truly cares about his patients. Even though I am from New York I will travel without hesitation to see Dr. Martin again! I literally look 12 years younger. I am thrilled with the results!!”

- RealSelf Miami Botox patient

“Dr. Alonso Martin is “The Real Deal”! He is an artist when doing injections on the face. He literally took 10 years off me with his state of the art Threading and Botox injections. The office is immaculate and state of the art. And most of all, Dr Martin is a caring and kind advocate of both inner and outer beauty! I will be visiting every 6 month.”

- RealSelf Miami Botox patient

“Best advanced cosmetic and health care!! Dr. Martin is extremely knowledgeable and is a perfectionist which reflects in his beautiful work. There is no one I would trust more with my overall health care! I also love his staff which always makes me feel so welcome!!”

- RealSelf Miami EmSculpt patient

“Dr. Martin and his staff were absolutely over the top. The entire ambience of their facility is absolutely gorgeous and top of the line! They were extremely attentive to my needs what’s so important to me is the fact that they listened to my concerns…I felt so comfortable, and I am now addicted to the point where I will use no one other than them. And keep in mind I live in New York and plan to make my future trips for the sole purpose of having my work done by them. If I could give them a higher rating I would in a heartbeat!”

- RealSelf Miami Botox patient

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Your Destination for Enhanced Health, Aesthetics, and Longevity in South Florida

Health is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. At AM Beauty & Wellness Studio, we focus on your unique needs to facilitate an optimally personalized, professional, and personable experience. Begin your journey with us to look, feel, and live better.

300 Alton Rd, Suite 100A, Miami Beach, FL 33139