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Abdominal Sculpting in Miami Beach

EM-Sculpted Abs

EmSculpt NEO Abdominal Sculpting | Miami Beach | AM Beauty & Wellness Studio

For most men and women, chiseled abs can be difficult to achieve. Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, excess fat in the abdominal section can be a notoriously stubborn problem.

Fortunately, there is an effective, non-invasive way to eliminate hard-to-lose fat and strengthen abdominal muscles for a sculpted, athletic physique. AM Beauty & Wellness Studio is the premier destination for Abdominal Sculpting in Miami. EmSculpt NEO is a technologically advanced solution allows men and women to enhance their fitness results without invasive treatment, so you can tone up without downtime.

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The Energy Behind the Abs

What is Abdominal Sculpting?

EmSculpt NEO is a groundbreaking Abdominal Sculpting treatment designed to not only reduce excess fat but also tone muscles for double the definition. EmSculpt NEO combines radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energies to simultaneously melt fat and stimulate muscle contractions in target areas. While EmSculpt NEO can be applied to virtually any area of the body, it is especially beneficial for patients looking for a solution to abdominal fat that is resistant to the effects of diet and exercise.

Non-Invasive. Ultra-Effective.

What are the benefits of EmSculpt NEO Abdominal Sculpting Treatment?

EmSculpt NEO simultaneously melts fat, builds muscle, and firms skin for slimmer contours and enhanced definition. EmSculpt NEO is an Abdominal Sculpting treatment that is quick, comfortable, and involves little to no recovery.

EmSculpt NEO for all

Am I a good candidate for EmSculpt for Abs?

EmSculpt NEO ab treatment is ideal for generally healthy men and women who are at or near their goal weight but would like to enhance their slim, sculpted look. While non-surgical Abdominal Sculpting does reduce fat, it is not a weight loss treatment.

For patients interested in identifying and managing the causes of excess weight, AM Beauty & Wellness Studio offers a comprehensive and personalized Weight Management Program. During your consultation, we will thoroughly assess your concerns to put you on an optimal path to your best results.

Your Simple Path to a Flatter, Firmer Stomach

Your Abdominal Sculpting Procedure

With EmSculpt Neo Abdominal Sculpting Miami Beach patients get a simple and straightforward procedure, requiring no anesthesia or discomfort. While you lie back comfortably, your providing board-certified physician or designated treatment provider will use a special applicator to deliver radiofrequency and HIFEM energies throughout your abdomen.

You may notice a warming sensation (similar to a hot stone massage) from the RF and increasingly powerful muscle contractions caused by the HIFEM energy. Though your Miami Beach Abdominal Sculpting treatment may feel a bit strange, it is not uncomfortable. Within your 30-minute session, you will experience thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions, producing far greater results than you can achieve in hours at the gym.

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After Your Treatment

Abdominal Sculpting Recovery

There is virtually no recovery after EmSculpt NEO Abdominal Sculpting. As soon as your procedure is complete, you will be able to return to all of your regular activities. As EmSculpt NEO gives treated muscles an optimally intense workout, you may want to skip the gym for a day or two while your muscles recover.

What You Can Expect With EmSculpt NEO

Abdominal Sculpting Results

For the best results with Abdominal Sculpting, we recommend a series of approximately four weekly treatments. You will begin to notice a difference in muscle definition after your second or third treatment. However, your fat reduction results will continue to develop for about three months after your last session. You can maintain your results indefinitely by maintaining a steady weight, exercising regularly, eating right, and scheduling follow-up treatments as needed.

Your Destination For a Flatter, Fitter Stomach

Schedule your Miami Beach Abdominal Sculpting consultation with AM Beauty & Wellness Studio today

Firm, defined abs are attainable. Schedule your consultation to discuss Abdominal Sculpting with EmSculpt NEO in Miami Beach. AM Beauty & Wellness Studio is here to help you live your healthiest, most beautiful life. There is a $50 fee for your consultation which will be applied to your procedure.

Abdominal SculptingFrequently Asked Questions

Fat reduction achieved with non-surgical Abdominal Sculpting is permanent as treated fat cells cannot return. However, remaining fat cells will continue to grow and shrink with significant weight change.

Absolutely! There is no downtime required after EmSculpt NEO. However, your treatment is a workout in itself, so many patients choose to skip a gym session after their appointment.

EmSculpt NEO Abdominal Sculpting has been shown to produce a 30% decrease in fat and a 25% increase in muscle in treated areas.

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